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wellness/leisure/health day to day connection
boost your free time !
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powered by Gaianoah since 2015
 ~ sperare ego sum non ituris ~

 Origin   .   Introduction   .   Initial offer (ICO)   .   Products and Services   .   Bounties

.Origin :

(A) Gainoah™ since 2015 is a enterprise that is developing spirituality and consciousness, for humanity freedom evolution :
1 + we are aiming that every children (they are 1,7 milliards on Earth) have food every day, a local scholl and tools to built a hospital,
2 + we are aiming that religions consider a transition to enfranchise from esoteric worship and humanity crime,
3 + we are aiming that gunnery factories engage the end of armed conflicts on civil territory,

(B) Gainoah™ since 2015 is a enterprise that is developing wellness, leisure, health :
1 + with its Club Gaia™ branch being present on your area,
2 + with its Gaia QIcoin(qiù) quality label aegis,
3 + with its strong deontology code and the respect of traditional language and values,

(C) Gainoah™ since 2015 is a enterprise that is developing our future :
1 + working in fintech, with its QIcoin (qiù) cryptomoney,
2 + working in newtech, with its Virtual Mechanical System desk,
3 + working in socialtech, with its strong intrust human-capital,

.Introduction :
(working in fintech, with its QIcoin (qiù) cryptomoney)

The QIcoin(qiù) is the Token (crypto-money) used by Gaianoah™  organization,
The crypto-money, using secure blockchain, is a medium for decentralized exchange.

" think of Bitcoin as a calculator on your smartphone, think of ethereum, as a opening system that allows the use of application"

A) The story of blockchain :
 The story of blockchain is very much a story of trails, one daring traveler after another signaling its way,
The milestones have been many, every next generation retracing and extending the trailwork of the last.

Paul Baran’s distributed network design at the height of the Cold War, David Chaum’s work on blind signatures in the early 1980s,
Nick Szabo’s proposal for digital, encrypted “smart” contracts in the late 1990s, Satoshi Nakamoto’s epoch-making source code in 2009 (Bitcoin),
Vitalik Buterin’s vision of a decentralized protocol (Ethereum) that “moves far beyond just currency.

Programmers, investors, philosophers, policymakers, artists, humanitarians are converging to reflect on and revel how far our ecosystem has come.

(B) The Club Gaia™, by Gaianoah™  society :
The Club Gaia™, with its Token QIcoin(qiù), is about free time, friendliness, well-being and health.

Club Gaia™ tools are :
1 : Wellness/ Leisure/Health, with the set of a quality label (to promote individual, social and economic ), and the practice of Qigong martial gym,
2 : Fintech, with the QIcoin(qiù) Token, built on Ethereum platform and the Club Gaia tradable e-card,
3 : Newtech, with a reseach center dedicated to VR (virtual reality) mechanical systems enthusiasts,
Have a look to our White paper for more information

Club Gaia™ all-inclusive packages :
1 : On your day to day local areas, a social club, which pillars are friendliness, health-care, Qigong gymnastic,
2 : On your holidays, a organiser, which pillars are innovative sports, exceptional geographical sites, healty food,

Club Gaia™ codes of conduct are :
Health, microeconomics systems, local tradional values
, local language (patois),

(C) Members investor benefits :
We want to make the QIcoin(qiù) Token unit value grows from 0.25EUR during ICO sales, to a minimum of 0.51EUR during Club Gaia™ career progression,
As investments within the ICO's QIcoin(qiù) will be back on stasis currencies, to built Gaianoah™ social capital.

Following the Road Map, Club Gaia™ members investor will receive a e-card giving the owner a 5.1% minimum life discount on all Club Gaia™ products/services,
This Club Gaia™ members investor limited edition e-card, is tradable or could be offered to friend/family.

Members investor will have priority, using their Club Gaia™ e-card or the Club Gaia™ smartphone wallet, 
to share or trade internally, for crypto-money/services/products, their QIcoin Token.

(D) Market :
 (01) Wellness : world value of the health and well-being market in 2017 is 3.72 trillion USD,
A recent study by the Global Wellness Institute confirms that well-being is one of the most resilient sectors,
 and the most promising in the world with a double-digit growth! (eg 10.6% between 2013 and 2015)
Trends observed in wellness tourism, with 587 million travelers in 2013, are :
1. link with nature
2. healthy food
3. ancestral inspiration
6. sports and relaxation
7. festivals and events

Global wellness institute

(02) Fintech : the Club Gaia e-card, our individual electronic tradable card, integrate the Gaia QIcoin(qiù) quality label.
It is using a GPS Oracle QR code SSH encrypted key, to prove the origin, the integrity and the géo-position of the Gaia quality Label products and services.
The market we're focused on is location-reliant transactions :
Bitcoin's Total Market is ~$145 Billion
The Cryptocurrency Market is ~$400 Billion
The E-Commerce Market (which Amazon operates in) is ~$2.77 Trillion
The location-reliant transaction market is ~$11 Trillion!
[Data from World Trade Statistical Review 2017]

Club Gaia e-card

(3) Newtech : the opportunities from the Club Gaia, VR (virtual reality) mechanical system, reseach and educational labotory, are uncounted and only have for equal the incoming futur,
Club Gaia intend to make you able to practice easely and for a low price, with its suit figuring compressed gas and anatomical wire,
gymnastic or whatever you wish to, in a standalone or social connected virtual environment.


olive branch

.Initial offer :


We are offering here a Club Gaia
member e-card loaded with some QIcoin(qiù) tokens, the Club Gaia™  internal crypto-money,
The minimum amount to spent on a Club Gaia™ member e-card is 51EUR, or equivalent input in ETH or fiducial money,
Your Club Gaia
member e-card will be valued regarding the amount of QIcoin(qiù) tokens you bought.
(see beneath 5+1 table)

Following our RoadMap, members will receive their unique Club Gaia™ member e-card to their postal address,
The Club Gaia™ member e-card is able to draw your QIcoin(qiù) tokens and fiducial money,
The Club Gaia™ member e-card is transferable and offer, under the QIcoin(qiù) label aegis, access to services and products discounts,
Note that every Club Gaia™ cards (business, electronique, special edition or in-game) are collector's limited edition,
See our
white paper for more information.

The QIcoin (qiù) Token
phonetic : \tchikwɛ̃\ + abreviation : (qiù)
Club Gaia e-card

  The Club Gaia e-card

In regards to the implementation upswing of our services/products quality and related social capital,
We aim to bring the QIcoin(qiù) internal value per Token from 0.25EUR during ICO, to 01EUR during Gaianoah™ social-capital creation,
See our
white paper for more information.

Note, that it is primarily a Club member e-card offer with a internal QIcoin (qiù) Token, not a public token sale for exchange market,
It is not under our current will if the Qicoin(qiù) Token is available on exchange market,

Your KYM
(Know Your Member) registration is welcome but not mandatory : KYM form link.

Two payment options are available : Paypal/visa card or ETH,
Mainly with ETH, before doing your payment, we recommend you to fill your
KYM form or to contact us on

1. With Paypal payment, check and write your ETH address on the Paypal payment leaf,
2. With ETH payment, the QIcoin(qiù) tokens will be sent directly to your ETH contribution address,
3. Following our RoadMap, your QIcoin(qiù) tokens will be held on your wallet address, till you be able to transfer it to your Club Gaia member e-card,
See our
white paper for more information.

5 + 1 Club Gaia member e-card table :
After payment received and your informations checked, your QIcoin(qiù) tokens will be released onto your ETH wallet in 15 working days,
To open a new ETH wallet : MyEtherWallet or MetaMask

Club Gaia e-card level Participation price QIcoin(qiù) Token amount + bonus + life discount
UB 51EUR or equivalent value 204 QIcoin(qiù)
+ Club Gaia  e-card
UA 99EUR or equivalent value 396 QIcoin(qiù) + 5% bonus
+ Club Gaia
IB 500EUR or equivalent  value 2000 QIcoin(qiù) + 10% bonus
+ 2% Club Gaia  e-card onwner life discount
IA 1000EUR or equivalent  value 4000 QIcoin(qiù) + 10% bonus
+ 2% Club Gaia  e-card onwner life discount
EB 5.000EUR or equivalent value 20.000 QIcoin(qiù) + 15 % bonus
+ 5% Club Gaia
 e-card onwner life discount
EA 10.000EUR or equivalent value 40.000 QIcoin(qiù) + 15 % bonus
+ 5% Club Gaia
 e-card onwner life discount
AB 50.000EUR or equivalent value 200.000 QIcoin(qiù) + 20 % bonus
+ 7% Club Gaia
 e-card onwner life discount
AA 100.000EUR or equivalent value 400.000 QIcoin(qiù) + 20 % bonus
+ 7% Club Gaia
 e-card onwner life discount
Y more than 100.000EUR or equivalent value should directly contact us

1. With Paypal or Visa card :

11. Paypal account owner only, to the amount of your choice with a minimum of 51EUR or equivalent fiducial money : link
12. Visa card or Paypal, to a preselected amount :
Visa or Paypal payment :

2. With ETH from a ethereum wallet address :

21. ETH contribution address is : 
Token name : QIcoin(qiù) + Decimal : 18 + Contract address : 0xdc60ef7664da9b40f1514612013fe2e97917207c 
ETH to EUR conversion rate : CryptoCompare

22. Before to contribute, double check ETH address and rules beneath

51 Bounties cup


olive branch

Road Map :



led flamingo                
Club Gaia  with label QIcoin)                   led flamingo
wellness & health center  
boost your free time !
         olive branch            

(I)  Club Gaia holiday and local clubs :

Gaianoah  is powering, using internally the QIcoin(qiù) Token and fiat money, holiday and local clubs,

 These Clubs are combining sports, nature, food and friendliness, following microeconomic systems, autochtone language and values,

On a self provided or built with us scope, dedicated journeys are available for individual, group or enterprise,

The Club Gaia
(holiday club) 03 pillars, are access to innovative sports, exceptional geographical sites within all-inclusive packages,
The Club Gaia
(local club) aims, in your own area, to purpose friendliness, Qi gong gymnastic, healthy food advice and a social-medical desk,

@quoi faire pendant les vacances?
@no more boring holidays?
@que hacer durante las vacaciones¿
@keine langweiligen ferien?

The leitmotiv : wellness your holidays !

Club Gaia

(II)  Club Gaia QIcoin(qiù) label : life quality label

Club Gaia
QIcoin(qiù) label is a quality label for goods and services offered on local territories,
Using a people and object network, it is mediated by a QR code Android apk
*, to allow a referral system,
 * the Android apk purpose a Qicoin(qiù) Token wallet, goodies, faucet, game-activitie, local area "capture the flag", star reviewing and more

Using the asset what3words, a geographical referencing system is set, providing access to well-being products and services,
The referencing framework is based on a GPS geo-area-map, promoting life quality (individual, social, economic) beared by the Club Gaia QIcoin(qiù) label,
Our Club Gaia
QIcoin(qiù) label QR code allows to prove the origin of the Club Gaia QIcoin(qiù) label products and services,

The leitmotiv : wellness power consumption !

(III)  Gaia R&D : research and development department, see white paper"

A board is opened, dedicated to VRMS (virtual reality mechanical- network systems) enthousiasts,

Time following (I) and (II) grounded projects, we will show you a tabbed suitcase for mobile activities (office, social media, sport, rest, etc.)
For sure Vuitton, Channel or Gucci, won't say no
Time following (I) and (II) grounded projects, teenager will received from the Gaianoah
society a monthly benefits share*
*(05 Teenager QIcoin Token for 01 QIcoin Token withholded on their dedicated QIcoin(qiù) wallet, up to 02USDT per day bring by exchange tax)
For sure folks, kinsman or granparent won't say no
Time following (I) and (II) grounded projects, we will raise you in a spacecraft, as leisure center, hotels-restaurants or secondary residence,

For sure Richard Bronson, Elon Musk or the ISS team won't said no

The leitmotiv : wellness freedom !


olive branch

Bounty trail :

A strong Bounty program is lead, for everybody, to receive freely and use in every day life, the Club Gai QIcoin(qiù) Token

Qicoin qiù token
Gaianoah tag
Wellness center,
Boost your free time !

51qiù free on registration !
Bounty 01
receive 51qiù  free,
 on KYM registration !

We are a non individual profit society whose goal is to develop wellness, friendliness, consciousness and spirituality,
the democratic system is held trought executive management ballot, rules by Gaianaoah
legal status and a strong deontology code,
with the senior management vote being shared between Gaianoah
social capital for 70% and Club Gaia league for 30%
QIcoin(qiù) secure crypto-money's name come from QI gong art, sciences based on knowledge and mastery of vital energy,
Our will is to power in your local area a Social Club, named Club Gaia

Partnerships :

UN volunteer     Ledger, e- wallet made in France

51 Bounties will be released during Initial Offer :
+ 01 KYM registration Bounty : 51qiù free, actually worth 12.75USDT
+ 02 Social Media Bounty : Facebook, Tweeter, BitcoinTalk (on built)
+ 03 Android apk Bounty : apk development contest (on built)
+ 04 Q&A Bounty (on built)
+ 05 in Android wallet apk goodies, faucet, Bounties (on built)+ etc.
+ etc.

QIcoin(qiù) genesis 2017 August


Sales Terms :
We are following AMF recommandations,
Law Hamon-Châtel govern internet commerce,
Retraction period is 14 days (excluding opened software) - Customer pays the return
You have rights access to your personal data Deontology Code White paper RoadMap Privacy Policy      

Gaianoah since 2015